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Running the Camera and Flushing a Well


Older 6" galvanized steel well.


We have a Well-Vu camera capable of viewing into even the deepest wells.

Viewing Screen

The water level bubbling at 79.5 ft. You can see the round granite hole.

John & Travis

Switched out the customers pump with a high-flow model, for maximum water flow and flushing.


Open head pressure draw-down, with our high-flow pump, for maximum flushing.

Starting Off Clear

As with most wells, with small amounts of surface water. The water problems only show some of the time.

Surface Water

Wells with surface water contamination are more likely to contain: Coli-form, E. Coli, pesticides, nitrates, nitrates and petrol-chemicals.


Iron deposits from surface water begin to break loose.


A break-up of manganese followed the iron.

After Flushing

The water clears back up, but has been disinfected, and without all of the mineral buildup.

Lining = Completely new well

After finding where the surface water is intruding into the well, a liner may be a permanent solution. Unlike rehabilitation, installing a liner can give you better water quality than when your well was brand new.

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